Ambassador Application Questionnaire

ELTA aims to become a truly European platform for the promotion of knowledge about, and the application of technology and software-supported solutions in the legal market. As such, ELTA does in no way intend to compete with existing national or regional LegalTech initiatives but rather combine forces with these to initiate and facilitate the cross-border exchange of views, ideas, experiences, practical solutions and approaches in the fields of LegalTech.

ELTA Ambassadors are a group of handpicked well-connected LegalTech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond, who volunteer to act as “swinging doors” between their country or region and the international level of ELTA. In addition to the regional Ambassadors, the group also comprises Ambassadors representing sectors and interest groups in the legal market at a European level. As such, the Ambassadors are a group of propagators and influencers in the international LegalTech scene.

ELTA Ambassadors generally agree to actively support the board to drive forward the aims and objectives according to the ELTA mission statement, as well as promoting ELTA in their respective country, arranging local meetups and events under the ELTA brand and last but not least, recruiting new members.

It’s been a couple of years since ELTA was founded and with the help of our Ambassadors, we have grown and already accomplished a lot. Now is the time to raise ELTA to the next level and help the association become a widely known and well established expert organisation and think tank for LegalTech and Legal Innovation throughout Europe and beyond.

This can only be achieved with the continuous efforts and contributions of the Ambassadors. To facilitate a more coordinated approach, the board asks each future Ambassador…

    A. …to provide us with an action plan covering the following:

    B. …and furthermore to be ready to set up a core group of local specialists for their particular country covering (at least some of) the following areas of expertise: