ELTA’s Ambassador Program – Drivers of the international expansion

As a result of the great feedback and overall positive response to our first ELTA conference this summer in Berlin, the board has decided to call to life the so called ELTA Ambassador Program to facilitate and further drive the international expansion of ELTA.

The ELTA board envisions the Ambassador Program to become an international think tank, enabling the organisation to initiate cross-border exchange of views, ideas and experiences, as well as working on concrete projects. To accomplish this, the ELTA board asked a group of handpicked well-connected legal tech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond, who volunteered to act as “swinging doors” between their particular counrty or region and the international level of ELTA.

As such, the Ambassadors will actively support the ELTA board and organisation and drive forward the aims and objectives according to the ELTA mission statement, as well as promoting ELTA as a European organisation and platform for legal tech in their respective country or region. The ELTA Ambassador Program does not compete with existing national or regional legal tech initiatives, instead it brings together such initiatives under the ELTA umbrella.

The ELTA board is very happy and proud to announce the following individuals who agreed to take the role and responsibility as ELTA Ambassadors:

  • Jean-Luc Delli, Switzerland
  • Laura Fauqueur, Spain
  • Dima Gadomsky, Ukraine
  • Ido Goldberg, Isreal
  • Orsolya Görgényi, Hungary
  • Magnus Jones, Norway
  • Riikka Koulu, Finland
  • Kaisa Kromhof, Finland
  • Andreas Mätzler, Austria
  • Evert Nõlv, Estonia
  • Ivan Rasic, Bulgaria
  • Rick Seabrook, UK
  • Tobias Steinemann, Switzerland
  • Orsolya Szabó, Hungary
  • Holger Zscheyge, Russia

The ELTA board very much appreciates the trust and enthusiasm of the newly appointed Ambassadors and is looking forward to working with all of them in the future. We hope they will get as much additional domestic support as they can.

If any of you out there would be interested in also becoming ELTA Ambassadors for a specific country or region not already covered, please do not hesitate to contact our board member Tobias Heining, who is in charge of the Ambassador Program.