Einarsdóttir, Margrét Anna

Margrét Anna Einarsdóttir

Ambassador Iceland

Margrét Anna Einarsdóttir is the CEO and Founder of Justikal eCourt System. Justikal is a software solution that allows attorneys and others to send documents electronically to the courts. With the solution of Justikal, parties can monitor court proceedings and receive automatic notifications when new events occur in their case. These among other features in the solution are meant to enable parties to be more productive and work in a more convenient and efficient way than they have been able to do before in the legal system. Security is the highest priority in Justikal’s solution. Therefore, Justikal uses trust services in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation. Last year Justikal raised a $2.8M funding round from the growth fund Eyrir Vöxtur. The newly acquired capital is supposed to strengthen the company’s development, sales, and marketing team to pursue foreign markets.

Before she founded the company, Margrét Anna was practicing as an attorney for approximately 10 years and worked at the Icelandic Defence Agency, Logos legal services and Jónatansson & Co legal services. Margrét Anna is very passionate about LegalTech and innovation and has from an early age been fascinated with finding new ways of doing things.