Zweers, Jeroen

Jeroen Zweers

Ambassador Netherlands

Jeroen Zweers worked for more than 25 years in the legal industry, mainly for law firms in various management positions as a non-lawyer.

His last position was Innovation director at Kennedy Van der Laan in Amsterdam. Jeroen was also head and initiator of their Legal Tech Consultancy entity called “Sync”. We were five years ago one of the first law firms in continental Europe who took this kind of initiative to over consultancy. We helped corporate legal departments with their digital transformation. In 2019 this initiative was killed by the Dutch BAR because of relations. In the Netherlands, it was not allowed by a law firm to have a separate consultancy entity. In 2020, he left the law firm to set up my own legal innovation Agency called where NOUN. With NOUN, he helps law firms, legal departments, LT startups and ALSP’s with strategy creating awareness, process analysing, matchmaking with startups, mentoring and many more. Besides my own company, he is also an investor in 2 Legal Tech AI startups.

Jeroen was the last 15 years many rewarded with awards of concepts he develops for law firms. Jeroen is also incredibly proud that he was mentioned by the Financial Times to be one of the ten best legal innovators in 2016. What makes this special to me is that he was the first non-lawyer who got this owner by the FT. This shows me that the market was changing.

Besides his professional career, he started as co-founder six years ago Dutch Legal Tech, which is one of the oldest communities in Europe and the largest (especially for our small country). And am also now almost three years board member of the European Legal Tech Association.