Jibuti, Nino

Nino Jibuti

Ambassador, Georgia

Nino Jibuti is a professional with a diverse background in law and economics. She holds two Ph.D. degrees, one in Law and another in Economics, and has acquired legal qualifications from esteemed universities in Georgia and Germany.
In addition to her academic achievements, Nino is currently a legal practitioner, providing her expertise in various areas of law. Her primary focus lies in antitrust, competition law, and compliance. She has worked both in public and private sector, gaining valuable insights into policy-making, regulatory frameworks, and the challenges faced by businesses. Nino’s practical experience in these realms enhances her ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and provide strategic guidance to clients.
Beyond her legal practice, Nino is passionate about innovation and the interaction between law and technology. She is actively involved in promoting and developing the legalTech community in Georgia, contributing to the growth and advancement of legalTech initiatives. Her involvement fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the legal community in Georgia.