Porobija, Marko

Marko Porobija

Ambassdor Croatia

Marko began his career at Croatia-based law firm Porobija & Špoljarić immediately after graduating from Zagreb University Law School in 2005. He took over the firm as a managing partner in 2018. During his work as an attorney, he specialised in matters related to investments, mergers & acquisitions, as well as legal support to clients in high-tech sector. His life mission is to make legal services easily available through the introduction of the latest technologies into the legal services sector. He is a passionate promoter of legal tech in Croatia, whether through online channels, as a speaker at various conferences and meetups, or simply by having his own firm adopt legal tech solutions in its operations. A few articles written by Marko on subject of legal tech and the future of legal services were published in Croatia’s leading business and tech magazines, Lider & Mreža. Also, Marko is a huge proponent of amicable dispute resolution and a certified mediator.