Matejka, Ondrej

Ondrej Matejka

Ambassador Slovakia

Ondrej Matejka has 15+ experience in the legal industry. As the Managing Partner of the legal firm Matejka&Friedmannova, Slovakia, he successfully develops it´s growth with special focus on labor, anti-discrimination, environmental law areas and commercial areas.

Being inspired by the global Legal Tech trends, since 2019 he has increased his focus on new technological solutions reflecting his passion for automation and digitization. Since 2020, he has been working on LegalTech. He launched start up developing the application which enables make 40+ changes in the Trade Register real time and incl. KEP. Application has been successfully launched in spring 2023. Alongside with it, his team is developing several other Legal Tech apps which should increase efficiency and ensure sustainable business for the legal firms thanks  automation, digitization and AI.

In June 2023, he has initiated the first Legal Tech Hub which had been established in cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic. Ondrej Matejka is actively promoting Legal Tech in the biggest technological events in Slovakia (Slovakia TECH Expo, ITAPA) as well as in other forums, e.g., Slovak Compliance Days which address legal firms.