Barchan, Regina

Regina Barchan

Ambassador Poland

Regina is a legal tech entrepreneur and co-Founder of “Pravoman”, an AI-driven chatbot designed for small businesses and citizens with human-centric automated advice and generates individual legal documents to address common legal issues. As the visionary CEO, legal engineer & legal designer behind Pravoman Regina has honed her IT architecture skills and legal design, aligning them with IT opportunities. Additionally, as a white-label provider, Regina has further refined her legal engineering and business development skills, contributing to the technical upgrading of clients and the creation of highly effective solutions.

She holds the position of a Director of Legal Innovations NGO (“LinGo”), a non-governmental organization dedicated to equipping lawyers and NGO representatives with the tools needed to automate their business processes and establish online legal aid services. She is a coordinator and lecturer at LinGo Academy.

In addition to entrepreneurial ventures, Regina is a start-up mentor and legal tech activist, who leads the Kyiv Legal Hackers and coordinates the Warsaw Legal Hackers, both chapters of the global community of legal innovators.

She focuses her activity on Ukrainian and Polish legal tech markets with the extension of her services to the EU market. Each aspect of her activities represents pieces of a unified goal: to share knowledge on how to make law understandable for citizens and businesses and make the work of lawyers effective and joyful.