Ződi, Zsolt

Zsolt Ződi

Ambassador HUNGARY

Zsolt was graduated as a lawyer in 1991. He then taught legal theory till 1995, when he left academia, and joined Wolters Kluwer. He worked here for 15 years in different positions, as an editor, publisher and publishing director, and participated in different publishing initiatives including numerous legal technology projects.

He returned to academia in 2012, and wrote his PhD thesis on legal databases. From 2013 he has been a lecturer and a professor at Corvinus University Budapest and ELTE University, where he taught infocommunication law and legal theory. Since 2019 he is a senior research fellow in the Institute for Information Society, University of Public Service, Budapest. He has habilitated in 2021 with legal informatics topics at ELTE. He is an author of 2 books, editor of 6, and author of more than 100 articles comprising various fields, but nearly all connected to regulatory aspects of information society or legal technology. His recent publication is on the interplay between algorithmic explainability and legal reasoning.