European Legal Tech Congress # ELTACon2019 – Call for Speakers is open

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On November 20 and 21, the annual conference of the European Legal Technology Association will take place in Madrid. On Wednesday afternoon, ELTA’s Members will hold its general members meeting. On Thursday, the European LegalTech Congress will gather some of the most reknowned experts around the world on legal innovation, digital transformation and legal tech. On November 22, don’t miss this 100% practical session where we will hear the voice of experience. Lawyers, vendors and other experts will share with us their successes and failures in planning, using, developing digital Projects and tools.


If you want to become a speaker and  share your views on any of the topics below, please pitch yourself filling this form.


  • Change management: Any innovation and/or digital transformation project depends on people, who sometimes are reluctant to change. Thus change management is essential to success.
  • Skills and knowledge: Legal professionals need to acquire new skills and knowledge to enjoy the advantages of being more innovative.
  • Future of employment: Additionaly, the future of legal professionals is uncertain. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Smart Contracts, for sure, will have great impact on the sector.


  • Processes identification: Legal organizations need to identify the services they render and the processes where technology can help to be more efficient.
  • Customer focus: Customers need to be the center of all activities. Getting to know what clients and citizens need is a must for any jurist.
  • Projects prioritization: Legal professionals need to be able to identify key bottlenecks in order to remove them and processes with potential to be automated, in order to improve their businesses.


  • Getting the right technology: Understanding the state of the art of legaltech is not easy. Legal professionals need to get a acquainted with the available legaltech and learn how to buy or develop it.
  • Disruptives technologies: Legal professionals need to understand the impact of technology, particularly of the most disruptive, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.
  • Legal: Identifying the legal challenges derived from the use and/or development of technology.


  • Hear users’ experiences: Legal professionals will share their experiences when planning, using and/or developing projects and/or tools related to innovation or digital transformation, regardless if it succeeded. Choosing the right legal technology can seem overwhelming. We will listen answers to the following questions: will vetting the choices ensure success? or which are the main obstacles when buying, developing or implementing LegalTech?
  • Learn from developers: LegalTech vendors will share their experiences in developing, selling, and implementing their products. We will hear their answers to questions such as: why some have succeeded and others not? or does the current LegalTech offer respond to the market demands or needs?
  • And understand investors’ needs: The LegalTech industry has become very attractive for investors. These are some of the questions we want to hear answers for: which are their current criteria’s for investing?, who is funding LegalTech and how can your LegalTech be attractive to investors?