ELTA contributes to latest study of ECLA “Legal Departments in a Digital Era”

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Legal Departments In a Digital Era: a pan-European study on building the modern, digitised legal department, is a joint effort by European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA) and Wolters Kluwer to provide a detailed look into the digital status of corporate legal departments across Europe. It highlights the priorities of in-house teams in the digital realm and showcases, how far along the digital journey legal departments in Europe are.ELTA’s Board and Ambassadors contributed with their expertise to this study.

The study acts as the starting point for understanding how legal departments are adapting to the digital era and what type of legal technology is prioritised in-house.

Legal Departments in a Digital Era will include overviews on:
> Current digital priorities of corporate legal departments
> The digital strategies of in-house teams
> The organisation and budget for increasing the digital maturity
> Practical experience with legal technology
> Expert opinions on the subject matter

Download study here

Additionally, ECLA and Wolters Kluwer pubslished also a brief article on “Perspective on implications of COVID-19 on the legal sectors”. The short term impact of COVID-19 on people, businesses and markets applies across sectors and market segments, and requires a range of immediate actions, while positioning for the strongest possible future. Consequently, the legal sector, and with that – corporate legal departments – will be affected, too. The legal industry, and the legal function within many businesses, is at an early stage of transformation, as becomes apparent from the study ‘Legal Departments in a Digital Era’. Will the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses change this?

Download article here