ELTA German Legal Tech & Innovation Meet-up on September 8 in Berlin

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Legalbase CEO Daniel Biene and Chief Strategy Officer Hariolf Wenzler on the chances of legal tech becoming a part of “big law”

The first meetup of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) will be held on September 8 in Berlin’s Spielfeld Digital Hub. The meet-up (with the theme “The First Wave of Legal Tech,”) establishes a new platform for the exchange of views and ideas. Dr. Micha-Manuel Bues, from Leverton, organizer of the meet-up and one of the founding entities behind the ELTA, says: “With ELTA, we have made it our objective to encourage an exchange of views and ideas, as well as open dialog concerning the opportunities inherent in legal technology and its influence on legal services.”

Two keynote speeches are on the agenda:

  • Legal Tech as an Opportunity for Strategy and Business Development in BigLaw
    Dr. Hariolf Wenzler (Chief Strategy Officer at Baker & McKenzie)
  • Five Lessons Learnt as a Legal Tech Entrepreneur
    Dr. Daniel Biene (CEO and co-founder of Legalbase)

The location’s innovative atmosphere, will also have an effect on the dialog between the participants: Spielfeld Digital Hub, a collaboration between Roland Berger and Visa Europe, brings companies, experts, and start-ups together with the aim of developing digital innovations and business models. Apart from that, Spielfeld Digital Hub facilitates cross-sector knowledge transfer.

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