ELTA expands Ambassador network in Latvia and UAE

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Two new ambassadors were appointed in May 2021: With the nomination of Suzanna Kalendzhian for UAE and Elvīra Krēķe for Latvia, the European Legal Technology was able to further consolidate its Ambassador network.

“We are delighted that, with the nominations of Elvira and Suzanna, we have further support in achieving our mission of a diverse and transnational network of legal technology experts.,” says Holger Zscheyge, ELTA’s president.

Suzanna Kalendzhian is Co-founder and CEO of Legal Advice Middle East, the AI-powered legal services marketplace which operates in 16 countries across the region and helps people find, communicate and transact with lawyers online. A self-described “law rebel”, she works at the intersection of legal practice and legal technology helping both law firms and legal departments improve the delivery of legal services through the smart application of technology. Recently Suzanna also founded Attory.Courses – a Legal Tech E-learning platform for law students, legal professionals, and legal tech enthusiasts.

Elvīra Krēķe is the Latvian Country manager of an Estonian LegalTech startup HUGO.legal, co-founder of the Legal Hackers Riga chapter and the founder of Legally, which initially was founded as a LegalTech startup, however, over time, Legally became a well-established legal services provider in matters of personal data protection by helping various large, medium-sized and small companies, especially startups and tech companies.

ELTA Ambassadors are a group of well-connected Legal Tech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond, who volunteer to act as “swinging doors” between their country or region and the international level of ELTA. In addition to the regional Ambassadors, the group also comprises Ambassadors representing sectors and interest groups in the legal market at a European level.