European Legal Technology Association Elects Its New International Board for 2023-2024

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Following its General Assembly, the members of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) elected a new Board, governing body of ELTA, for 2023-2024, composed of Grégoire Miot (President), Ana-Maria Drăgănuță Briard (Vice President), Marisa M. Borsboom (Vice President), Holger Zscheyge (Treasurer) and Jon Bartman (Board Representative). This new international Board announced significant initiatives to accelerate the development of the organization through structural changes and investments in large projects.

The past couple of years have radically and durably mutated the technological maturity of lawyers. In this context, the role and influence of ELTA had to evolve to keep up with a rapidly changing market. ELTA went from ‘raising awareness’ in its early years, to ‘empowering legal professionals’ more recently. Our responsibility as a global organization is to decipher an overly crowded legaltech market by bringing transparency and capturing the value that it offers. We are change makers for legal professionals and this Board is committed to leveling ELTA up to meet our ambitions”, commented ELTA’s President, Grégoire Miot.

ELTA plans to shift into active analysis of the market with large scale studies and mapping, and developing their approach as a marketplace, already initiated in the past years with strategic partnerships. The organization wants to strengthen its position as go-to authority for European legal technology and legal innovation for all stakeholders.

This international Board representing France, Germany, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom regroups new and former Board members. “I am honoured to be elected to the ELTA Board as co-Vice President after two years of being the representative of Romania in the association. ELTA is an amazing conjunction point for all professionals and entrepreneurs in the legal tech field. We have a fantastic team in the back, and together with my colleagues from the Board and the Ambassadors network, we will strive to bring ELTA closer to its objectives. We are seeing tremendous growth in legal tech, so ELTA will continue to be here with new projects and initiatives to support its members“, said Ana-Maria Drăgănuță Briard.

Jon Bartman added: “I am so happy to represent the UK as a Board Member at ELTA.  Making ELTA a “go to destination” for everything legal tech is my aim over the next two years.  Law Firms, In House Teams and legal tech solutions should be able to find a reason to interact with like-minded colleagues at ELTA.  Working with the other Board members and the new President Gregoire is an absolute honour.  We have so many plans and initiatives and to work on but we are always happy to speak to our members (and future members) about new directions.  There are so many amazing legal tech innovations happening across the whole of Europe and in ELTA we have a very solid footing to push the boundaries”.

This unique combination of Board members also illustrates a diversity of professions (lawyer, publisher, consultant, technologist) and companies (from solo entrepreneur to listed company).

The new Board outlines a few key initiatives that will be carried out during the next two years and focusing on:

  • Market analysis: conducting an extended analysis based on the first “legaltech survey” (2020) to provide a European-wide “Legaltech Radar” and developing our marketplace based on our existing partnerships, in particular with Theorem.
  • Education: following the launch of ELTA Academy in 2022, we will accelerate its development with training offers for our members with a first cohort of participants.
  • ELTAcon & Online series: our annual conference ELTAcon deserves to become a reference in continental Europe teaming up with partners and other organizations
  • Sustainability: fostering initiatives at cross-roads between technology and sustainable practices for legal professionals through open-source projects.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: strengthening our collaboration with our partner Women in Tech Global Movement, to expand ELTA’s group of “Women in Legal Tech” and deliver a strong platform supporting such topics.
About ELTA:

ELTA is the largest and leading European organization connecting legal technology & innovation experts with professionals of the legal industry.

It aims at developing a platform to connect all stakeholders of the legal technology ecosystem and building a strong community to foster the development and transparency of the legaltech market.

Key figures:

·         Founded in 2016

·         38 Ambassadors representing 32 countries and 2 international organizations

·         3 Local Chapters: CEE, Portugal and Spain.

·         500+ members, representing over 5,000+ legal professionals and 40+ nationalities