Visit ELTA’s booth at 26th and 27th April at the high-level conference “For a People-centred e-Justice”

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The conference “´For a people-centred e-Justice”, organized by the governing area of Justice, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, is an opportunity to reflect on the process of transition to digital justice, the opportunities that emerge and the different challenges that arise, and to guarantee the access of all citizens to justice, effective systems and a more modern justice in the XXI century.

The Conference will be a space for joint reflection on how the use of technologies and the design of services centred on the people can be the catalysts for a close, accessible, innovative Justice that monitors the socio-economic evolution of the countries.

This event  will take place on 26 and 27 April, in a virtual format, has the participation of 73 speakers, who with their knowledge and experience will enrich the reflection, the debate and the sharing of experiences on the issues of Justice and their impact on today’s society.

Don’t miss to visit ELTA’s booth to get more information on the Portuguese chapter and ELTA’s mission and vision.

The registration is free.