Position of Ambassador for Spain filled again – Laura Fauqueur returns to the representative network of ELTA

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Since April 2021, the position of national representative for Spain has been filled again: Laura Fauqueur returns to the position of Ambassador for Spain in the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA). Laura has been an ELTA member since the beginning and has already held the role for Spain in the founding years.

“We are very excited to work with Laura to further deepen our relationship with the Spanish legal tech community and to develop new ideas. She perfectly complements our existing network of ambassadors,” says Holger Zscheyge, President of ELTA.

Laura Fauqueur is a Director for the Masters in Legal Tech of the CEU Institute of Advanced Management (Madrid, Spain). Apart from giving lectures for this and other universities, she also works as a Legal Designer and Design Thinking facilitator, and as a consultant in innovation, digital transformation and marketing for the legal industry.

ELTA Ambassadors are a group of well-connected Legal Tech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond, who volunteer to act as “swinging doors” between their country or region and the international level of ELTA. In addition to the regional Ambassadors, the group also comprises Ambassadors representing sectors and interest groups in the legal market at a European level.